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Combo Product

How to configure combo offer
  • Please choose a combo set name (only for administrator use)
  • Select offer type
  • Fill in the conditions such as Offer percentage or fixed price and quantity or quantity range
  • Select start date and end date (Optional)
  • Select the offer limitation
  • Select the priority the highest will be selected for customer if more than one combo offer provided at the same time
  • Add at least one category to enable the combo offer (It is prefer to create a new category for each combo offer)

  • Copy this folder "plugins/eShiply.Misc.ComboProduct/Views/ComboSetShoppingCart"
  • Paste the folder to your theme folder "themes/your theme/Views/"
  • Start changing your layout under the ComboSetShoppingCart

Special Notice
  • You must add at least one category to enable the offer
  • Fixed price with fixed quantity offer will equally divided the price with the quantity and apply to unit price
  • It is better to use the price that able to equally divided the quantity to avoid decimal amount. Example: 3 item with selling price USD 120.00 or USD 99.99. and avoid the pricing such as 3 item with selling price USD 80.00

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