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1. Download Package File

Before start installing the plugin, you need to login into your account to download the package file that you have purchased before. You can download the package file here

2. Unzip Package File

After finished downloading, you are required to unzip the package file. You may get a folder named "Plugins" and a html file named "readme.html".

3. Upload Package File

Upload the folders under folder named "Plugins" into the server.
* Remember to place its under a folder named "Plugins" as well.
* You may ignore the folder named "eShiply.Core", if you already uploaded before or the folder doesn't exists.

4. Load Library File

There's two simple ways to load the new uploaded library files at the administration page
  • Click "Restart application" at the top right corner
  • Click "Reload list of plugins" at the plugins page 

5. Install Core File

Click "Install" to start install the core file named "eShiply.Core" or "eShiply.MOLPay.Core" or "eShiply.iPay88.Core"
''* You may skip this step, if you already installed it before."

6. Install Plugin File

Click "Install" to start install the plugin file that you upload

7. Grant Access Control

Before starting using it, You have to give access control to your account. Therefore, you need to grant the access control at "Access Control List" page.
"* You may skip this step, if you are installing payment gateway plugin such as "iPay88" and "MOLPay"

8. Configuration

Please follow the link at belows to start configure your plugin before you using it.

9. Completed

You can start to use the plugin right now.

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