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How to manage menu zone

When ever you created the menu zone you must restart application to allow the system to load the menu into widget.

Where to edit menu template

To edit the menu template, access into the folder according to this path Template > DefaultClean > Views > eShiplyMenu > MenusByZone.cshtml.
If the file and folder doesn't exists, you may copy it according to this path Plugins > eShiply.Menu > Views > eShiplyMenu

How to create custom widget zone

You can insert your custom widget zone, but insert the widget zone into the views file. For example: your menu zone name is footer-menu, then you just need to insert @Html.Widget("footer-menu") and then restart the application

How to overwrite sitemap

You must enable "Sitemap Include Menu Zones" under config and then checked whatever menu item you want to show in the sitemap. The sitemap is generate according to the created menu zone.

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