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Uninstall Manually

Step to uninstall plugin manually

1. Delete license file under wwwroot. eg: "eShiply.Menu.lic" 2. Remove plugin from the installed list, App_Data>InstalledPlugins.txt eg: remove "eShiply.Menu" 3. Delete the folder (eg: "eShiply.Menu") under plugins folder 4. remove the table from database by execute the sql statement at below:-

DELETE FROM eShiplyMenuItemZoneMapping;

DELETE FROM eShiplyMenuZone;

DELETE FROM eShiplyMenuItem;

DELETE FROM LocaleStringResource WHERE ResourceName LIKE '%eShiply.Menu%' OR ResourceName LIKE 'activitylog.%menu%';

DELETE FROM Setting WHERE Name LIKE '%Menu%';

5. Remove eshiply node out of sitemap by access sitemap.config under Administration folder. Open sitemap.config then remove the main node with title "eShiply" and it's child node. If you had just install a single plugin. Otherwise, you just need to remove the child node

6. Try to restart the application.

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